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Why does wood flooring continue to be so appealing? When properly maintained, the right wood floor will look good and remain durable for a really long time. In a sense, wood flooring is a timeless beauty. We at Oshawa Carpet One understand how homeowners feel about wood flooring, so we proudly carry one of the largest selections in the area. 

Although solid hardwood is the most popular type, there are other wood flooring options available. These include engineered hardwood and bamboo. Each is unique in its own way, but they all possess wood’s natural beauty.

Solid hardwood is only made from genuine strips of wood. It has wood’s natural grain patterns, so each solid hardwood floor truly has its own character. Solid hardwood typically has a surface finish that is easy to maintain. The finish gives the floor shine, and it also protects the surface from scratches and dust particles. Plus, since the wood planks are thick, a solid hardwood floor can be refinished.  

Engineered hardwood, unlike solid hardwood, is specially constructed from three to seven layers of wood. The top layer is a premium piece of hardwood, so engineered hardwood looks exactly the same as solid hardwood. The special construction makes engineered hardwood more dimensionally stable, so it is suitable for areas with some moisture. Also, engineered wood can be refinished like solid wood, but not as many times. 

Over the last few years, bamboo flooring has grown in popularity. Like solid hardwood, bamboo flooring typically is not specially constructed; it is made from natural strips of bamboo. Given bamboo’s unique traits, bamboo flooring has a hard surface and is dimensionally stable. What’s most noteworthy, however, is the distinct pattern of dark bands and nodules on the floor’s surface.     

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