Window Treatments

Shades, Blinds, Shutters and More!

At Oshawa Carpet One Floor & Home we bring you the very best in flooring. But did you know that we carry window treatments as well? We know the importance of window treatments when it comes to completing a room. They can create the perfect atmosphere by allowing just the right amount of light in, controlling the temperature. Whether you are looking for blinds, curtains, shutters or shades, there are many different products available today to meet your needs.

Any room in the house will benefit from the proper window covering. For instance, you have a beautiful kitchen but during certain times of the day, the glare can make it difficult to see. But with the right kitchen curtains you can eliminate that problem without losing that great natural sunlight. This is just one of the many ways that window treatments can make your space more enjoyable.

We carry a great selection of window treatments and our experts will show you different types and styles that will give your room the perfect touch.

Our featured brands include
Graber Blinds

Shade-O-Matic - Maxxmar 

Custom Window Treatments and Coverings

Let our professional sales associates help you realize your vision for a home you love. From custom window valances, drapes and sheers to blinds, shades and shutters, Oshawa Carpet One window treatments are custom-made expressly for your windows and manufactured according to the highest standards of quality.

Unique fabrics, finishes, composition, and decorative details distinguish our suppliers’ exclusive selection of custom window shades, sheers, blinds and shutters. From luminous sheers to elegant woven textures, Oshawa Carpet One’s exquisite collection offers a new standard of style.


Shades have come a long way since the days of the roller. Oshawa Carpet One’s extensive selection includes highly energy-efficient honeycomb shades, elegant Roman shades and uniquely textured woven wood shades.


Oshawa Carpet One offers a wide selection of materials, styles, textures and colours for our horizontal and vertical blinds. Innovative features include the “bounce back” construction of aluminum blinds to the contoured headrails on verticals.


Shutters are available in premium hardwood and poly-satin compounds. The former offers an enduring, custom-crafted, classic style that could match your hardwood floor; the latter a solution ideal for windows exposed to high heat, humidity and other extreme climate conditions.

Custom Draperies

Create a whole new look for your room with custom draperies from Oshawa Carpet One Floor & Home. We have colours, designs, and styles to fit your decorating needs. 

What is your budget? Oshawa Carpet One’s prices are fair and you can still get high quality products even if you are keeping an eye on the price tags.

Create Ambiance in Every Room

Window treatments set the mood and complement your style. They can open up a vista or create a serene room for rest, while protecting your furnishings and artwork from harmful UV rays. They can even play a large role in conserving energy in your home.

From aesthetics, comfort, and convenience to durability and efficiency, there are dozens of important factors to consider when choosing new blinds, shades, shutters, and drapes. When working with an Oshawa Carpet One design consultant, the following are some of the key questions that will inform the final look of your home décor project.

What to Consider While You Shop

  • Are there unique architectural elements in the room? Consider window cranks, window air conditioners, baseboard heaters, light switches, wall sockets, crown mouldings, beams, and chair rails.
  • Do you want to maintain a view? Consider the bottom up/top down option, available on cellular, Roman, pleated, and natural shades. This allows you to lower the shade from the top to let in natural light, retaining the desired view and attaining privacy.
  • What is the window's exposure? If your windows have a southern or western exposure, the room could fluctuate greatly in temperature. Direct sunlight can also bleach textiles unevenly. Oshawa Carpet One offers many fade resistant, energy-efficient products designed to address these concerns.
  • Are there children or pets in your home? Look for window coverings with safety features (e.g. motorized lift or cordless lift), in materials that are easy to clean and maintain.
  • How will the space be used? For working, relaxation, or entertaining? Formal or informal activities?
  • Will you be working with electronic screens in the room, including televisions, computer monitors, or other devices that are sensitive to glare?
  • Is privacy a primary concern? Oshawa Carpet One products offer a complete range of privacy levels, from light filtering sheer to relative blackout.
  • How much light control do you need? For maximum shading at your fingertips, consider horizontal or vertical blinds, or shutters. Easily redirect the light or change the appearance of a room by rotating or tilting the slats or louvres.
  • Do you open the windows frequently? Do you need easy access for cleaning?
  • What is your budget? Oshawa Carpet One’s prices are fair and you can still get high quality products even if you are keeping an eye on the price tags.

Reasons to purchase Window Coverings from Oshawa Carpet One

  • Free In Home Consultation and Measuring Service
  • Low Price/High Quality Guarantee
  • Professional Sales Associates
  • Professional Installation
  • Finance options to meet your every need

Installation Services

Don’t worry about installing window treatments on your own. Our experts are here to help. Whether you need to install blinds, shutters or draperies, Oshawa Carpet One Floor & Home can handle it. We also supply and install all kinds of flooring….  including carpet.