Preverco Hardwood

Quality, long-lasting hardwood suitable for every residential setting

Quality Hardwood Made in Canada

Preverco flooring Oshawa, ON

We at Oshawa Carpet One know why people love hardwood flooring. Hardwood is warm, luxurious, and inviting, and each floor seems to have a character of its own. We are therefore excited to offer quality hardwood from Preverco flooring. Preverco hardwood is perfect for any residential setting, and, better yet, it’s manufactured here in Canada! Here are three other reasons to choose Preverco:

Style and Design

Preverco offers a tremendous selection of hardwood. There are four major styles from which to choose, including classic, contemporary, country, and eclectic. Each has its own unique looks and styles, but all Preverco floors are strong and durable. Preverco also offers additional surface textures and wood species, so you can truly achieve your desired look!


Preverco is certainly one of the most innovative hardwood brands available. Unlike other brands, Preverco has its own research and development team to seek and design new techniques and technologies. As a result, Preverco consistently offers new innovations in construction, appearance, and installation. So, you can rest easy knowing that your new Preverco hardwood floor represents the best the industry has to offer.

Quality Control

Not only does Preverco have its own research and development team; it also operates its own manufacturing plant in Quebec. It therefore controls all aspects of the production process. Preverco ensures that all processes meet strict guidelines, so what results is quality hardwood that is pretty much guaranteed to last a long time.