Lauzon Hardwood

Canadian Made Craftsmanship

Lauzon Hardwood in Oshawa, ON

Lauzon is a company that is committed to producing hardwood floors that their customers will love. They also have a strong commitment to the environment. Lauzon owns their own forests and manages them with sustainable practices that are certified by many environmental protection organizations.

 Unique styles and beautiful floors are created by using different finishing techniques on different species of wood. Their design collections provide a hardwood floor for everyone's style.

What sets Lauzon apart?

Lauzon hardwood floors use an exclusive Titanium™ technology that comes with many benefits. It allows the beauty of the natural hardwood to take center stage while protecting it from the usual problems associated with hardwood. It also provides an unsurpassed ability to protect the floor from sun damage.

Lauzon Hardwood Technology

A truly revolutionary technology, Pure Genius is a light-activated agent that can actually make the air inside your home up to 85% cleaner! Check out the Purity Calculator to see how many trees it would take to have the same purifying effect as Pure Genius technology in your room.

So if you want a beautiful hardwood floor that can do it all, look no further than Lauzon. Visit Oshawa Carpet One and let one of our flooring experts show you all of the available options Lauzon has to offer.