When the time comes to take on your next residential or commercial tile project, why settle for anything less than inspiring? With Daltile, you can custom design your new space. Featuring an entire universe of luxury tile and stone products, Daltile has held its place several steps ahead of the latest trends for over seven decades…and counting.

At Oshawa Carpet One Floor & Home we’re thrilled to offer a vast collection of innovative and exciting Daltile products in our current inventory. From satiny ceramics to burnished slate, Daltile has the perfect stone or tile product to fit your space, budget, and vision.

Porcelain Tile

Why Daltile?

The technology of modern times meets yesteryear’s craftsmanship globally-inspired Daltile products. Daltile always distinguishes itself in a world rife with flooring and décor options.

Daltile is different than other tile brands in several significant ways. The company boasts some unique and distinctive manufacturing processing, with some production techniques that are exclusive to Daltile. For example, the process of Visual Imaging creates additional depth and adds more texture to each individual tile, while StepWise ensures a permanent safeguard against slips and falls. For elegant, attractive, and safety-compliant products, consider Daltile for your upcoming flooring or backsplash installation.

Exceeding current industry standards, Daltile tile and stone goods are domestically produced, with an extremely firm commitment to sustainability. Recycled materials are incorporated into the production process as much as possible. The end result is earth-friendly, long-lasting, and gorgeous flooring that will easily last for a lifetime.

Want to learn more about Daltile tile and stone products? Visit our expansive showroom, which is located at 495 Taunton Road East in Oshawa, ON, or call us today at (289) 274-0628.

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