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What Is Cork Flooring?

Cork flooring is not a new type of flooring, but the hype has become main-stream for several different reasons. Cork flooring is a “green” floor because it is sourced from a renewable resource. Cork comes from the bark of the cork oak tree and is harvested from living trees. Most cork flooring is used from group up, compressed recycled cork that is bonded with resin. Oshawa Carpet One Floor & Home is dedicated to bringing you the latest and greatest in flooring, and cork is just one of the environmentally flooring solutions we have for your home.

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Benefits of Cork Flooring

Cork features a soft and cushioned surface which provides relief and comfort other hard surface flooring options do not. Cork has a feeling all on its own that cannot be compared to with hardwood or luxury vinyl. It is popular in rooms where you stand for long periods of time, like kitchens. You can also install cork in children’s playrooms because it can act as a cushion if someone trips or falls.

Cork is a natural insulator, and inside every piece of cork are tiny air-filled chambers. These chambers act as barriers again noise and effectively insulate a room. It also helps on saving costs for heating and cooling bills. The same properties that insulate noise can also reduce the transmission of heat into a room in the summer and out of a room in the winter.

Cork is hypoallergenic and features antimicrobial properties. Cork repels dust and other small particles from its surface, and the material is much easier to clean. The natural wax in cork repels and resists the growth of small organisms and helps promote a healthier environment in your home.

To learn more about cork flooring or other environmentally friendly flooring options, be sure to visit our Oshawa showroom or give us a call!

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